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Maybe you’re thinking of adopting a shih tzu for the first time, or you are a new shih tzu parent and want to find out the best way to rear your new friend.

Or perhaps you are a seasoned shih tzu parent with particular issues that you need to find out more about.

Whatever you want to know about the shih tzu breed, you have clicked on the right page.

Helping you to make your shih tzu happy and well-behaved

No matter how aggressive, badly behaved, or stubborn your shih tzu may be, by using the right approach and the right techniques, you can have a shih tzu that is not only well-disciplined, but is also a happy dog.

You can develop your shih tzu into a happy, well-behaved dog using the same techniques that I have researched over many years and have successfully put into practice with my two boys.

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Why I like writing about shih tzu

I once had a dog up until my early teens. He was called Spot because of a white patch on his chest. After he passed away, I never intended to have another dog.

That was until Bruno came along. I adopted Bruno when his previous parent could no longer look after him.

Well, in reality, it was more like Bruno adopted me.

Spot - my childhood dog.
Spot gone for over 50-years, but never forgotten.

I have been through a lot with Bruno. He has several serious illnesses, though thankfully his medication appears to keep him pain free, stress free, and most importantly, alive.

Though generally very laid-back, Bruno did have minor aggression issues in his younger days that needed to be dealt with.

Bruno of shihtzuandyou.com

Several years later, along came Charlie. He was in a basket in a dingy pet shop window along with four other puppies of various breeds. Charlie was definitely getting the worst deal in the basket, and so I “rescued” him by buying him. Thankfully, soon after my purchase  the pet shop was closed down.

Charlie was much more stressed out than Bruno. He had more serious aggression issues and a poop-eating obsession. Both of these problems needed to be dealt with.

Charlie of shihtzuandyou.com

So, I am sure that you can appreciate that for the sake of my two boys I have done a lot of research into shih tzu behavior and medical conditions. 

Whilst carrying out this research I found that when on social media I was commenting on problems other shih tzu parents were facing, offering advice based on the same solutions that helped me with Bruno and Charlie.

That’s when I had my light bulb moment, and Shihtzuandyou was born. So here I am, ready to help you to the best of my knowledge with any shih tzu related issues you may have.

Best wishes to you from Shih Tzu Steve, Bruno and Charlie.

Charlie and Bruno 

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