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Steve and Charlie
Steve and Charlie

Hello there!

Shih Tzu Steve welcomes you to Shihtzuandyou. I hope in the coming months to make this blog into the most comprehensive source of information and content to help you and your shih tzu enjoy your undoubtedly fun and loving relationship together to the full.

Since 2007 shih tzu have been a big part of my life. I have two, Bruno and Charlie. Bruno is the eldest by eight years.

Charlie and Bruno 

Although I am legally their owner I don’t feel like I own them. I see myself as their friend to guide them through the hazards of living in a human world. They are my best friends and I believe they feel the same way about me. I have kept their training down to the bare minimum and allowed them to develop their own characters, and they certainly are a pair of characters!

Treat your shih tzu right and I’m sure you’ll have some great, happy and memorable times together. I hope my posts can help you achieve this. Shih tzu are just the most happy, friendly, loyal dog breed in the world and this despite their characteristic independence and stubbornness!

NOTE: To prevent the text in my posts becoming too long winded, I usually talk about shih tzu solely in the male gender. This is just for convenience; nearly all comments are equally applicable to the female of the breed.

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