Best Homemade Food For Shih Tzu Dogs

Besr homemade food for shih tzu dogs.

Best Homemade Food For Shih Tzu Dogs

You’ve landed on this page because you want to know what the best homemade food for shih tzu dogs is. Then probably, like me, you have discovered to be true what you have suspected all along. That is that the majority of commercially produced dog food is full of ingredients that in the long term will do your shih tzu more harm than good.

You have perhaps also discovered that so-called “natural” and “healthy” alternatives are much more expensive and if fed to your dog day in and day out will dramatically increase your monthly grocery bill. Even then, you cannot be sure that what it says on the label is accurate or not, or whether these alternatives are actually any more natural or healthy.

Like many shih tzu parents, including me, you believe that making your own food for your little one is the best way forward to avoid all of the health problems that could arise from a constant diet of ultra-processed commercial canned food and kibble.

The one problem with homemade food is, how do you know you are giving your shih tzu the correct food items in the correct quantities to provide all of the nourishment and vitamins your dog needs without causing weight problems?

I usually recommend to my readers who want to put their shih tzu on a homemade diet to consult a qualified pet nutritionist to prepare a suitable diet plan for their dogs. The emphasis is on “qualified” here because anybody can set up and call themselves a pet nutritionist. The only ones you can trust are the ones that have successfully completed a recognized college or university course on pet nutrition. 

Such a consultation, though, can also work out to be very expensive.

I receive a lot of requests for homemade dog food recipes but I am reluctant to personally suggest exactly what to feed to your shih tzu because I am not a qualified pet nutritionist. However, it is a subject that in recent weeks has become of great interest to me. It is during my research into pet nutrition I believe I have discovered a solution that is easily affordable and assures me that the homemade diet I am giving to my shih tzus is balanced and provides all of the nourishment and vitamins they need for a healthy existence. I hope and I believe that it will also add months or even years to their lives.

Before I reveal this solution, I am going to give you some background information first. But if you cannot wait, click the button below.

Click here for over 60 healthy and nutritional homemade recipes for your shih tzu!

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Dietary Advice From Leading Trained Pet Nutritionists

Shih tzu dietary advice from leading trained pet nutritionists.

For less than the price of a 10-pound (4.5kg) bag of “all-natural ingredients minimal processed dog food”, you get access to an ebook containing over sixty wholesome homemade recipes. From this choice, you are sure to find some that your shih tzu is absolutely going to love. 

Many of these recipes can be put together with ingredients you may already have in your kitchen, again helping to keep the costs down. Many of the recipes can also be made in bulk and preserved in your fridge or freezer for later use. This is very helpful if you are living on a busy and tight schedule as it makes feeding your shih tzu homemade food almost as convenient as reaching for a packet or can.

You can trust that these recipes are going to provide a balanced diet for your shih tzu along with all of the wholesome nutrients and vitamins he needs because they have been compiled by a group of very qualified pet nutritionists brought together by my partners at TrainPetDog.

This group includes: 

Dr. Susan Lauten Ph.D., founder of Pet Nutrition Consulting

Dr. Jennifer Coates, Veterinarian, DVM, from The Spruce Pets Veterinary Review Board


Sabrine Contreras, Professional Canine Care / Nutrition Consultant, with Certification in Animal Care.

These three people have a vested interest in animal welfare and you can be sure that all of their expert pet nutrition knowledge has gone into producing the 60+ recipes for this ebook. Unlike the majority of the pet food industry which puts its profits before the quality of ingredients, these ladies have your pet’s best health interests at heart. Their recipes are consistent with AAFCO (The Association of American Feed Control Officials) requirements.

The authors do stress, however, that the recipes have not been tested on dogs, so it is up to each individual user to have their vet regularly check their dogs to ensure that they are thriving on their new homemade diet.

Dog Friendly Homemade Recipes With In-Depth Analysis

Dog friendly homemade recipes.

What makes the recipes in this ebook stand out as being so good for your shih tzu’s long-term health is that they are not just about the list of ingredients and how to bring them together which you would expect. In addition to this, there is a lot of useful, perhaps essential information included that the layperson such as you or I would not know about if we were putting together our own homemade recipes.

This additional information for the first twenty recipes consists of:

  • A breakdown of the percentage nutritional content of each recipe, including protein, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, and moisture.
  • The calorific value per gram for each recipe, with advice on how to use this value to calculate how much of the food your dog will need to suit his individual circumstances.
  • How many days supply of food each recipe makes, some recipes based on a healthy, 40-pound (18kg) dog, some based on a 25-pound (11.5kg) dog. 
    • TIP: For the average-sized shih tzu, multiply the 40-pound value by three or the 25-pound value by two. 
  • General tips on how to prepare the recipes, plus more preparation tips for each individual recipe.

Even for the healthy dog recipes that follow these first twenty, there is still plenty of information there to help you prepare them.

A Variety Of Choices For A Variety Of Situations

The opening of the ebook contains a total of twenty recipes covering adult maintenance, active adult maintenance, allergenic adult maintenance, low-fat adult maintenance, and vegetarian adult maintenance. All of these come before we get to the sixty healthy dog recipes.

There are recipes for complete meals, meal supplements, and healthy treats.

Hundreds of different ingredients are featured throughout the ebook, some of which you may never have thought of feeding to your shih tzu before. Who would have thought that such diverse ingredients as quinoa, carob, charcoal, soy sauce, and kiwi fruit could be included in dog food?

Most of the recipes are constructed in such a way that you can make similar substitutions for some ingredients should you have any difficulty finding the original choice.

This Has To Be The Best Homemade Food For Your Shih Tzu

In my humble opinion, and as the parent of two shih tzu dogs that I am desperately seeking an alternative diet for that doesn’t largely consist of ultra-processed commercial food, I think that this recipe book is the way forwards to giving my boys a healthier lifestyle, and I truly believe that, used properly and integrated gradually into your dog’s diet as suggested in the book, it could do the same for your shih tzu also.

For Bruno at 14-years, it is probably too late, but for Charlie who is just coming up for 6 at the time of writing, I believe that moving him on to a diet consisting mainly of these homemade recipes could add months or even years to his life expectancy.

I have bought this recipe book and I urge you, as a fellow shih tzu parent, to do the same. If you did, indeed, land on this page searching for the best homemade food for shih tzu, congratulations, you have found it!

Low Cost + Save Money!

As I previously mentioned, the ebook is available at a very reasonable low price, about the same price as a bag of kibble. I don’t want to reveal the price here, I want to leave that to the publishers at TrainPetDog and also I want you to be pleasantly surprised at how low the price is for what you are getting for your money.

Because included in the package is not only the “Best Homemade Dog Food Recipes” ebook containing over 60 homemade ideas for nutritious meals and treats, but also four more very useful and informative ebook publications:

  1. The Ultimate Guide To Your Dog’s Diet & Nutrition – This book contains all of the information you need to provide your shih tzu with healthy, complete diet that fulfills all of his nutritional needs through all life stages and in an economical way. 
  2. How To Increase Your Dog’s Lifespan By Changing His Diet – A look at the science behind dog nutrition and how to apply that to certain conditions, such as building strong bones and joints, combating obesity, and cancer prevention, to name a few.
  3. Healthy Diet For Bright & Shiny Skin & Coat – Expert dietary advice on how to keep your shih tzu’s skin and coat healthy.
  4. How To Handle Overweight Dogs & Picky Eaters – How to remedy two of the most common canine diet problems through feeding methods.
The Complete Dog Diet And Nutrition Suite

You will receive all of this for one low price!

These books are not just added as afterthoughts in a bid to persuade you to make the purchase. They are each informative in their own right and there’s a lot more to these books than I have highlighted here. They are more fully explained by the publishers before the purchasing stage if you click on the link below:

This way to the Best Homemade Dog Food Recipes and 4 more healthy dog diet ebooks

Not only will you not have to scrape many dollars together to own these five books, but they also have the potential to save you money over and over in no more wasted, uneaten food and fewer vets’ bills if you apply the dietary principles with the recipes and ingredients featured in the books.

Not only this, but when you buy this set of ebooks, it is on approval. If you are not in any way satisfied with your purchase, you have 120 days to let TrainPetDog know, and they will refund you all of your money. Personally, I don’t think that you will want to take advantage of this facility, but it is reassuring to have it there all the same.

The low cost, the potential health benefits for my boys, and the guarantee that I could get my money back if I wasn’t happy made the decision to buy these books very easy for me. I have not regretted it and I’m sure Bruno and Charlie will appreciate it. I’m sure your shih tzu will love you for it too!

Learn more about the Best Homemade Dog Food Recipes 5 ebook package here!

I hope that this report has been of some help and that your shih tzu will soon be enjoying some of the delicious recipes from TrainPetDog.

You can also find further information on healthy diet and eating for your shih tzu at following these links:

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If you have any questions or comments on this topic or anything concerning the shih tzu breed, please use the comments box below or, if you prefer, drop a message on our Contact Shihtzuandyou form.

Bye for now!

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