Is CBD Oil Good For Dogs? – The Story So Far

Is CBD oil good for dogs?

The Jury Is Still Out On This One

Now that there has been a relaxation in the cannabis and marijuana laws in many parts of the world, there has been a growing interest in cannabis products. You cannot view a pet-related website these days where a banner ad for CBD oil is not present. Apart from this one, that is. There are so many different CBD products with varying levels of quality on sale, especially for pets. None of the pet products have ever been formally, scientifically tested, so the answer to the question, “Is CBD oil good for dogs?” is, no-one can say for sure.

Because of the lack of scientific tests, we cannot be 100% sure of the benefits of CBD oil, what any side effects are and how severe, how much is a safe dose, how much is a toxic overdose and what the long-term effects are. All we have to base our judgment on at the moment is word of mouth from people that have given it to their dogs over a period of time.

Buy Quality If You Are Going To Use CBD Oil

CBD, or cannabinoid, oil is derived from either the hemp plant or the marijuana plant. Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the constituent part that gives a psychoactive high, is removed entirely or as near to entirely as possible from the product so that what is left is an apparent relaxant that has a therapeutic effect on the nervous system.

Because of the lack of scientific testing, the market has not yet been regulated. This means there are a lot of rogue traders out there selling inferior products that may be diluted, may contain no cannabinoids at all or may even be harmful. If you are going to buy CBD oil it is important that you avoid these inferior products which will mean paying a little more for a quality product from a reputed source.


  • CBD oil can come on its own as a tincture or ready mixed in with foods and treats. Choose the tincture simply because you are then in control of how much you are giving your dog.
  • Make sure it is made from hemp and not marijuana. It probably will be made from hemp, but check the label anyway.
  • Buy human grade rather than pet grade. If this is not possible buy the highest quality pet grade you can.
  • Buy organic. Non-organic may contain traces of pesticides, fungicides, solvents and other unwanted additives which may make your dog’s health worse rather than better.
  • Make sure the product is not diluted and contains a decent amount of CBD. If in doubt, ask to see a lab analysis report. A reputed manufacturer will supply one.
  • Make sure the product contains no THC. This probably will be the case, but check anyway.
Buy only quality, organic CBD oil made from hemp and with all THC removed.
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What Are The Benefits Of CBD Oil?

There are so many reported health benefits of CBD oil, it makes one wonder why everybody doesn’t use it and why it isn’t dripped into every pet’s food bowl. It certainly makes me wonder if they are all true, but I have had conversations on social media with many dog owners that give CBD oil to their pets and all but one say their dogs show signs of improvement, sometimes remarkably so. Even the one that didn’t see any improvement thought that it was because she had picked an inferior product.


Remember, the purported benefits of CBD oil on pets has not been scientifically tested and the ones that are written here are based on manufacturers’ claims and comments from people that have been giving it to their dogs over a period of time.

  • CBD oil can help reduce epileptic seizures. The shih tzu breed does appear to have a higher than average incidence of cases of epilepsy compared to all other breeds combined. Apparently, CBD oil can help reduce the frequency of seizures, especially in cases where drugs have been ineffective.
  • The relaxing properties of CBD oil can reduce stress and calm down dogs with anxiety disorders, including separation anxiety, panic attacks and post-traumatic stress.
  • Blood circulation and the heart can be improved. Irregular heart rates might be corrected. High blood pressure can be lowered, blood vessels protected, damaged blood vessels improved and arteries dilated.
  • CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties that particularly help with arthritis, diseases of the nervous system and inflammations of the bowel.
  • Reduced inflammations of the bowel and improved bowel movement lead to increased appetite and fewer incidences of vomiting and nausea. This can be a great help if your shih tzu is fussy at feeding times.
  • Allergies can be alleviated. It is claimed CBD oil can reduce the production of inflammatory immune system secretions called cytokines that cause allergic reactions.
  • CBD oil is an efficient antioxidant, more so than either vitamin C or E, useful in clearing the system of free radicals. This is good for preventing brain cell death in older dogs.
  • There are claims that CBD oil can stop the spread of cancer cells and even send them into remission. It does this by helping the cells of the immune system that kill off intruders to destroy the cancer cells. It kills off the cancer cells by blocking their energy building ability. CBD oil can also augment established cancer cell treatment.

What Are The Possible Side Effects?

It is claimed that you cannot administer an overdose of CBD oil but, as I said earlier, this has not been proved and too much of anything can be toxic, even too much water can be toxic. There are a few side effects that have been reported, however, so for this reason, if you are going to give it to your dog, start with very small amounts and observe any reactions before either increasing the dose, keeping it the same or stopping it altogether.


  • If your shih tzu is on medication, it is probably not a good idea to give him CBD oil. Whatever the medication is, it may be prevented from doing its job due to the CBD oil suppressing the action of the liver enzymes that react with the medicine to fight diseases.
  • CBD oil reduces saliva production leading to increased thirstiness and a dry mouth.
  • High doses of CBD oil can lead to a temporary and very slight fall in blood pressure which may cause dizziness.
  • The calming and relaxing nature of CBD oil can cause drowsiness, especially when administered in high doses.

How Do You Give CBD Oil To Your Dog?

Shih tzu receives CBD oil on a treat.
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As previously suggested, the best way to control how much CBD oil your shih tzu is imbibing is to use the bottled tincture. You can use the dropper to administer the oil directly to your dog’s mouth but it will probably provide a more pleasant experience to mix it in with food or to drop it onto a treat. The oil can also be dropped onto a paw to be licked off, or, for skin disorders and ear infections, rubbed directly into the skin or dropped in the ears respectively.

Again, start with a small dose until you are sure how much is required. The amount will depend upon the complaint, but for an initial dose, it is reasonable to calculate at 1 mg to 5 mg for every 10 lbs (5 kg) of body weight. For a 15 lbs (7 kg) shih tzu that’s around 2 mg to 7 mg of oil.

Improvements can happen in as little as half an hour, but if there is no change after one day try increasing the dosage a little. For chronic pain, administer a dose every eight hours.

Well, Is CBD Oil Good For Dogs – Should You Give It To Yours?

As I have stated more than once in this post, none of the observations of the effects of CBD oil written down in this post is a scientific fact, they are just observations and hearsay. Popular opinion does lean towards CBD oil being beneficial in the improvement of certain conditions that your dog may be suffering from.

If you do want to give CBD oil to your dog, please discuss it with your vet first.

Personally, I have decided not to give CBD oil to my older shih tzu, Bruno, simply because he is on a lot of medication and the last thing I want is for his medication to be ineffective due to the oil. It’s a shame because he has heart problems, seizures and allergies but I don’t want to take chances where his life may be at stake.

However, my younger shih tzu, Charlie, is only taking Apoquel to relieve the itchiness of his allergies. I believe that CBD oil may help with his condition, so I expect to try it out with him.

I think that CBD oil will prove to be a good thing for dogs generally but for now, the only people who can decide if it is good for your dog are you and your vet.

I hope that you have enjoyed this report on CBD oil for dogs. If you have any relevant comments or questions about this post or this website, please use the comments box below or contact us. You can be assured that your contact details will be held securely on this website and that it will never be shared with or sold to any third parties.

Bye for now.

Shih Tzu Steve.

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