Dog Chew Toothbrush Dental Care Toy


$16.95 $12.95

Dog Chew Toothbrush

  • Made from durable rubber.
  • Soft texture is gentle on the gums.
  • Mint flavored.
  • Designed to clean both sides of the teeth.
  • Angled to fit comfortably in the mouth.
  • Base design makes it easy for a dog to hold down.
  • Hollow center can be filled with dog toothpaste (not supplied).
  • Toothpaste dispenses automatically as dog chews.


Keeping your dog’s teeth and gums healthy helps keep your dog healthy.

It’s true. Bad teeth and gum disease can lead to more complicated health problems for your dog particularly of the major organs and joints. Short snouted breeds like the shih tzu are much more susceptible to this than longer snouted breeds.

Help keep your shih tzu’s teeth and gums in good condition with this dog chew toothbrush.

It’s made from good quality, non-toxic rubber that can withstand a lot more punishment than cheaper imitations. The rubber is of a soft texture so as to be gentle of the gums.

The toothbrush is mint flavored for a refreshing experience for your dog.

The design of the toothbrush is angled so that it fits comfortably in the mouth and cleans both sides of the teeth at once while the nodules get in between the teeth and also massage the gums. The base is fashioned in such a way that your dog can easily hold the toothbrush down on a flat surface.

Dog chew toothbrush toothpaste application.

The center of the toothbrush is hollow to allow you to fill it with flavored dog toothpaste (not supplied). As your dog chews on the toy the paste is gradually squeezed through small holes in the side.

TIP: To prevent your shih tzu becoming bored with the toothbrush, only allow him or her to chew on it for ten minutes once per day. This will leave him or her eager to use it next time. Ten minutes of chewing is plenty of time for a thorough dental cleaning.

Depending on your location, please allow 4 to 30 days for delivery.


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