Kong Classic Dog Toy – Treat Dispensing Chew Toy



Kong Classic Dog Toy

  • Kong Classic Dog Toy made from the Kong durable natural rubber formula.
  • Combined teething, chewing, fetching, puzzle and treat-dispensing toy.
  • Color-coded red for average chewers.
  • Available in three sizes, XS for puppies, S for adults and M for larger adults.
  • Kong products are recommended by veterinarians and dog trainers around the globe.



A side view of a Kong Classic Dog Toy.

When you buy a Kong toy for your dog, you can be sure that you are buying a quality product from a company that has been in the dog toy business for over forty years.

The Kong Classic Dog Toy is made from durable rubber that will withstand the harsh punishment likely to be meted upon it during serious play.

It’s really five toys in one:

  • The XS size makes a good teething toy for a puppy going through that difficult time as the adult teeth push through.
  • A chew toy that will go a long way to satisfying your dog’s urge to gnaw away at something without getting destroyed in the process.
  • An intriguing go-fetch toy that will keep your dog fascinated by its unpredictable bounce.
  • A puzzle toy that will keep your dog’s attention for some time as he or she works out how to remove the goodies that are stashed inside. Great for relieving separation anxiety and boredom if you are busy or out of the home for an hour or two.
  • A treat-dispensing toy, fill the hollow inside with your dog’s favorite treats or kibble and watch as he or she learns how to release them, one by one, from the confines of the toy.

TIP #1: When your dog has been an exceptionally good boy or girl, mix the kibble or treats with smooth peanut butter before stuffing it into the toy.

TIP #2: To prolong the interactive activity for your dog, place the treat-stuffed toy in the freezer for a few minutes before handing it over. This will also help soothe the sore gums of a teething puppy.

TIP #3: Before giving the toy to your dog, smear the outside of the toy with some good quality fish oil. This not only makes the toy more attractive for your dog but also gives a healthy omega-3 boost as it gets licked off.

We have 3 sizes available, all in the famous Kong red color for average chewers, XS for puppies up to 5 lbs (2kg), S for adults up to 20 lbs (9kg) and, just in case you have a bigger shih tzu, M for dogs 15 to 35 lbs (7 to 16kg).

Worldwide delivery at our promotional shipping rates is usually 12 to 20 days but, depending on your location, please allow up to 40 days.

An upstanding Kong Classic Dog Toy.

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