What Are The Best Professional Dog Grooming Clippers?

What are the best dog grooming clippers?

How I Came To Pick The Winning Clippers

To earn the title “best” the clippers have to be of the highest quality. But with so many high-quality models on the market, how did I arrive at the conclusion as to what are the best professional dog grooming clippers?

Well, by process of elimination actually. For my readers, I felt the best model would have to reach certain criteria, the foremost of which, after quality, is “Are they suited to fully grooming a shih tzu?”.

I Can Now Reveal Just What Are The Best Professional Dog Grooming Clippers

Wahl Creativa Cordless Clipper

What are the best professional dog grooming clippers.
Quality of Build:?????
Ease of Use: ????
Battery Life:?????
Charging Time:?????
Value For Money:????
Overall Rating:?????
● Adjustable “5 in 1” blade● Expensive
● Blade will not overheat● No variable speeds
● Two batteries for continuous use● Not for salon use
● Automatic speed control
● Constant power level
● Very light
● Very quiet


Wahl Creativa clipper, what’s in the box.

1 x Wahl Creativa Cordless Clipper
1 x “5 in 1” stainless steel contour blade set, adjustable to sizes nos. 9, 10, 15, 30 and 40.
4 x clip on guide combs, nos. 1, 2, 3 and 4.
1 x charging stand
1 x blade guard
1 x cleaning brush
1 x blade oil
1 x instruction book

It’s Not As Expensive As It Seems

This clipper set won my recommendation because it is so comprehensively designed. It may seem comparatively expensive up front but apart from new blade oil when the included pot runs out you won’t need to buy any other accessories for this unit.

The “5 in 1” adjustable contour blade set means you will not have to go to the expense of buying extra blades for this unit. The blade will adjust to sizes from no.9 for general body trimming work, down to size 40 for getting in between the paw pads. It also adjusts well for face work, the head and around the rear end. Being only 1.8” (46mm) wide, the blade is an ideal size for working on small breed dogs.

You can extend the cutting range to full body grooming by using one or more of the four included guide comb attachments. With a guide comb in place, you are able to achieve coat lengths of around ½” (13mm) with the no.4 down to ⅛” (3mm) with the no.1. With practice, these tools can help you become quite an adept home groomer.

Another useful feature of the blade set is a quick-release mechanism for cleaning and maintenance. Then when you replace it on the unit it automatically resets itself saving you the trouble.

Performance That Gets Results

I think is important for the shih tzu home groomer to have the tangle-free mobility offered by a cordless unit, especially if you have to chase after your little one after he sees what is coming! But you also need the power of a corded clipper and the Creativa certainly delivers enough on that count.

Wahl Creativa Cordless Dog Clipper.

The German-engineered blade set is driven by a powerful, XXL lithium ion battery. The power of the battery driving the DC motor is enhanced by a system called “Automatic Speed Control” that maintains a constant power level. This prevents the blades from slowing down and snagging even when encountering a tough spot such as a mat or tangle. This is one of the reasons I think these clippers are a match for a shih tzu as the blades simply zip through mats with virtually no resistance.

The maximum speed of the blades is 5,300 strokes per minute and this speed is maintained until the battery is absolutely flat. There is no “winding down” of the stroke speed. When the battery runs flat you simply swap it for the fully charged spare and carry on with your shih tzu tonsorial masterpiece. An LED indicator light will warn you of when to swap batteries. Place the spent battery on the charger and you are set for uninterrupted all day grooming if you so desire.

Because the motor is cool running and because the blades will not snag, the blades do not overheat. They will stay cool enough throughout the entire clipping process so as not to damage your dog’s skin through blade burn. This also saves you further costs as you will not have to buy and use potentially messy coolants to keep the blades cool.

When you take your Wahl Creativa clippers out of the box for the first time expect to find the battery conveniently ready charged and ready to go. Wahl claims that this clipper will run 180 minutes without a charge while you charge the spare battery, which, again according to Wahl will take 120 minutes on the quick charge to reach full capacity. While they may have achieved these results under laboratory conditions and in practice the batteries may fall a bit short of these figures, it will take less time to charge the spare than it does to run down the one in use.

A good safety point is that the battery cannot be overcharged, it will only power up on the charger until full.

Comfort For You And Your Dog

The clippers are very lightweight at 10.16 oz (288g) which is a good thing for you especially if you are on a lengthy grooming session. The lightness of the unit and the well designed, ergonomic grip area makes it much less likely that you will succumb to hand or wrist fatigue.

You are protected also from succumbing to “white finger” from prolonged use of the clipper as the DC motor is very securely housed and produces little vibration. Of course, this will cause less irritation for you shih tzu compared to other clippers.

The housing of the DC motor is soundproof, a major plus point if your shih tzu is usually spooked by the noise of a motor. The Creativa produces hardly any noise at all.

The Final Verdict

The Wahl Creativa Cordless Clipper is not generally favored by grooming salons as they are not up to a full day of grooming dog after dog. However, for home use on up to three shih tzu or shih tzu sized dogs at a time they are a perfect choice. The two coats of a shih tzu tend to get matted with loose hair and these blades just glide through these with ease.

Yes, they are at the high ticket end of the market but they will pay for themselves within in time-space of eight to ten visits you would have made to the grooming salon. Much less if you have more than one dog. Also, the 5 in 1 blade system and the comb attachments means there are no expensive extra blades to buy.

To find out how you can own your Wahl Creativa Cordless Clipper, click here.

If you really don’t want to pay so much for grooming clippers, then Omorc has the best budget buy cordless grooming kit, for less than the price of a trip to the groomers’.

For more information on Omorc clippers, click here.

If you are taking up grooming as a business you will need salon grade clippers. For this, I recommend the Andis Pulse ZR2 5-Speed Clippers.

Read more about the Andis Pulse ZR2 5-Speed Clippers by clicking here.

I hope that this review has proved useful in helping you choose the perfect clipper set for your shih tzu. Please leave any comments or questions you have regarding clippers, shih tzu or this website in the comments box or you can contact us.

See you next time.

Shih Tzu Steve.

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